Of course! BeGlam is the new way for professional make-up artists and hair stylists in the UK to build their freelance business. We take care of marketing, scheduling appointments and taking payments, so all you need to do is concentrate on doing what you do best. To find out more or hear from our professionals take a look at Why should I work with BeGlam? If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us.

Is BeGlam operational in my area? At the moment BeGlam is only operational in and around Manchester, but we’re looking to expand throughout the UK, so if you’d like to be notified of openings near you please register your email here.

There are lots of reasons why professionals choose to grow their business with BeGlam. You can see the main benefits along with what our professionals tell us here: You choose when you want to work With BeGlam, you’re at liberty to select the times and days you wish to work, so you can fit in your bookings through us with a part- or full-time job, childcare or studying. We take care of growing your business for you, so you can concentrate on doing what you love It’s not always easy to build a freelance business from the ground up, marketing yourself to ensure you get plenty of bookings, spending time on social media, scheduling appointments and organising your diary, all whilst keeping clients happy. We recognise this, which is why we do all the business admin for you - so all you need to do is accept your bookings, turn up and shine. Everything’s online, so it’s quick and easy to take and confirm bookings via instant notifications on our smartphone app. You get to keep 70% commission on each booking We take a 30% ‘finding fee’ which covers our marketing activity and booking facilitation. This means that you get to keep 70% of the cost of each booking with no overheads, so the potential to earn is significant. You receive your very own URL and online profile No website? No problem. When you sign up with BeGlam you’ll get your very own profile on our site with a URL which is unique and individual to you – so you can share this on your social media sites and with clients, helping them to find you more easily. On your profile you’ll have space to share your credentials, qualifications and experience, as well as photos of previous work. You’ll have access to our professional development courses run by trained professionals We like to invest in our professionals, which is why we offer on-going development training courses run by top industry experts to enable you to further your career and learn new skills. You’re not tied into a contract with us, and there are no penalties for leaving You can leave BeGlam whenever you want without giving us notice without penalties– and you can change your availability at any time if your circumstances change. If you’d like to hear from professional make-up and hair stylists who are already benefiting from working with BeGlam, watch our video here.

On our home page you’ll see a ‘Go Pro’ tab. Simply click and follow the instructions to complete your application. For this you’ll need to have your certificates and recent experience handy, as well as proof of eligibility to live and work in the UK. Then if your application is accepted you’ll be contacted by us to arrange an interview and continue the sign up process. For more see What’s the process?

It’s quick and easy to start the BeGlam application process - so you’ll be earning with us and growing your business in no time. Sign up with us Firstly, you’ll need to sign up with us. Simply fill in our application form and attach relevant certification and examples of your work. We’ll then contact you to arrange a make-up test and interview so that we can be sure you’re right for BeGlam. Interview and make-up test Following your interview and make-up test we will assess your eligibility – and if you’re successful we’ll contact you and send your unique log-in details so that you can get started. You’ll also receive a copy of our Terms and Conditions which explain our expectations and cancellations policy as well as how and when you will be paid. Complete your profile Once you have your log-in details you’ll need to populate your profile. You should choose your best images which you feel represent your work and ability in the best possible way, and write a short piece of text which gets across your experience, why you are different and why customers should choose you. You can find tips on writing your profile and selecting images for your portfolio on our blog here.

Now you’re ready to start growing your business with BeGlam. Remember to update your profile periodically and keep it up to date with fresh photographs. You’ll also now have the opportunity to participate in our professional development programme, which features courses and training run by top industry experts so that you can further your career in beauty.

With BeGlam, you’re in charge of what hours you work and therefore how much you earn really depends on you. It will also depend on how many bookings you receive – and this is often based on your availability and the quality of your profile, so it’s really important to make sure that your profile is the very best it can be (for more on writing your profile take a look at our blog here). Per booking you will earn 70% of the overall fee - £28.00 based on a £40 make-up booking. Working on an average of 3 bookings per week you can expect to earn around £336 per month.

Of course! Flexibility is what BeGlam is all about. You’re free to pick and choose the days and hours you wish to work, so you can fit your work with BeGlam in around childcare, a previous job or business, or studying.

To set your availability, simply go to your calendar. Here you’ll find a ‘Set Availability’ tab which enables you to select the dates and times you are not available, leaving the rest free for bookings. You can only set your availability via our desktop site – but you can still view your calendar and bookings within the app.

Yes - you need to be fully qualified and insured to work for BeGlam. We only accept the best in the business, so you’ll need to be able to demonstrate that you’re able to work with a range of clients confidently and competently and present examples of your previous work so that we can assess your skill level. Customer service is also very important, so once you have applied you’ll be invited to complete an interview and make-up test so that we can determine whether you’ll fit in with our brand.